Antonio Tarrell

A haircutter at heart, Education Director for Composure Haircare, Antonio Tarrell loves the effects of combing cutting, product placement and creativity. The ANTONIO TARRELL brand is a continuing education company in Mississippi that offers courses, digital education and quality tools for the hairdressing professional.

Antonio teaches how and why haircutting works in relationship to the overall design, with the goal of minimizing the fears and unknowns that many hairstylists feel with cutting. In order to bring out the best in every stylist’s ability and creativity, Antonio focuses on inspiring, motivating and lifting self-esteem. He’s a natural energetic teacher who believes in continually educating himself and others.

With over 20 plus years of experience as a salon owner and educator, Antonio is credit for creating a new culture of haircutters “We Curve Hair” which was develop around premium curvature comb, DACurv by Antonio Tarrell.