Antonio Westley

Writer, Artist, and Life Coach in New York

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Edgy Alchemist from New York City seeking that big break most people prefer to dream about. Motivated by drive fueled by untapped potential. I am seeking to max out my abilities in order to generate material that will out live me.

Seeking ultimate truth is my goal and if I can unlock a few minds along the way then that's a road well traveled. I'm always the last to eat and always the first to feed and if I could do it for the world - I would.

The struggle was never enough to influence me other wise and it never will.

I am not Human...

- I am the revised Sheldon Cooper of the hood!

Personal Highlights: Currently being Followed on Twitter by Nelly Furtado , Ben Bailey and Taye Diggs

Once met wrestling Hall of Famer's

Booker T Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

I once encountered Luthor Vandross in a Nobody beats the Wiz store - Yeah, remember those?

Was once the brief caretaker of legendary Double Bass player Andy Gonzalez and it was a privilege!

Hired by entertainer Robbi Style featured on VH1 to do illustrations and messaged online by one of my favorite stand up comedians of all time Ben Bailey

Goals: Release 4 Novels currently requiring funds for editing, Release 5 - 7 music albums and ultimately own my own Anime brand!

Currently on steemit and doing voice over for "Adventures Of AW".

  • Work
    • Freelancer
  • Education
    • High School
    • The only guy who aced two assignments in college with out attending
    • Besides College sells people broken Dreams