Antonis Gkekas

CRM Marketing, Lifecycle Marketing, and Email Marketing in Berlin, Germany

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My name is Antonis Gkekas . I am a full stack marketer involved in a variety of channels, and currently I am employed as a Senior CRM Marketing Manager with BOOK A TIGER. I think of myself as a citizen of the world, and I take great pride in keeping up with a number of side projects internationally. I have studied formally in Greece, Russia, and Finland, picking up whatever I could whenever I could. A lifelong learner, I was fortunate to realize early on that one of the most beneficial things someone can do do for oneself is to become immersed in another culture. I am passionate about learning the ins and outs of other countries, and I travel any time I have the chance, having visited more than twenty countries, often for extended periods of time. My current residence is is in Berlin, Europe's Silicon Valley.

My main responsibilities at BOOK A TIGER include driving the infrastructure and systems roadmap, strategy, optimization, execution, and performance of communication. Handling both B2C and B2B lines, I am intimately familiar with businesses of many types and sizes, and I make it a point to focus on H2H communication. Previously, I worked at trivago, a metasearch engine devoted to hotels, and I learned a lot there about display marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and international marketing.

I get a thrill being able to help people chase their dreams and build something for which they have been planning a very long time. When a business is just starting out, this is when the real magic happens. It fills me with joy to see people working at fully capacity and totally invested in the success of what they are doing. That is how I choose to live my own life: totally invested in my own success, always pushing myself into overdrive, never slowing down unless it's to enjoy a beer with friends.

When I am not hard at work, my hobbies include strength training, photography (check me out on Instagram @AntonisGkekas), and hanging out in cafes. Another hobby of mine is keeping up with luxury brands, Apple in particular, and I am a total social media geek.Thank you for visiting my page. If you would like to have a conversation about startups, apps, travel, marketing, or anything else, I am always happy to converse and share ideas. Hit me up via email: