Antonis Konstantinou

Consultant, Writer, and Musician in Σέρρες, Ελλάδα

Antonis Konstantinou

Consultant, Writer, and Musician in Σέρρες, Ελλάδα

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Antonis born in Serres (Greece) on April 27, 1970.
He graduated from the Greek Infantry Military Academy on 1990 as Second-Lieutenant.

Studied Economics at the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) and Management at the University of Leicester (Leicester, UK).

He was Director of Communication and Advertising at "[DROMEAS][1]" Furniture Industry SA and at the Multinational Telecommunication Company "Bell Atlantic Hellas SA"

Nowadays he is the Chairman and Managing Director of "[Giga Hellas Ltd-Marketing Consultants][2]" (Serres, Greece) and Giga (Cyprus) Marketing Consultants Ltd. (Nicosia, Cyprus).
He is also President to the Steering Board of "Institute for International Developmental and Strategical Studies NGO" ([IDASME][3]) a Non Governmental Organisation which supports and develops Innovation Projects to real economy.

Member to the Brithsh Knowledge Board of Management (UK).

Former Member to the Steering Board and Secretary General of the "Northern Greece Advertising Agencies Association" (Thessaloniki, Greece).

He holds several Patents and Intellectual Rights for the enrichment of Foods and Beverages with multi-vitamins ingredients (Spirulina, Chlorella or Hippophaes also known as Sea-Buckthorn).

He wrote two books "The Developmental Law in Greece" an analysis of all developmental laws that Greece have had, during the last 40-years and "48 Incentives Laws seeking for an Investor" a presentation of 48 Incentives laws Worldwide.

He published several articles in newspapers and magazines across Greece.

Antonis was candidate MP to the Greek Parliament during the elections in 2012 with the "Democratic Left" Party.

Since 2013, according to the Supreme Court of Greece he is the Founder and President to the "Greeks Democrats" Party.

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