Anton Jurovicki

CEO and Co-Founder in Montenegro & UAE

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My profile can show various things about me, but when you get right down to it, people who have worked with me, know me as an entrepreneur, marketer and social media strategist and among these things I'm a technology lover.

I'm focused on my role as CEO & Co-Founder in Coinis, Ad Tech company with offices in UAE, USA & MNE in charge of Performance Marketing and growth hacking.

Beside that, I am Founder & Co Founder of several companies with different backgrounds.

Personal accomplishments:

- Speaker and presenter as social entrepreneur at Telenor Youth Summit, a three day event which included meetings with Telenor delegates and representatives from renowned companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Firefox and others.

As crown of this event I was guest of Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

- Presenter as entrepreneur at Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit held in Istanbul which was remarked by Vice President (at the time) of the United States Joseph Biden.

- Visited more then 42 countries (so far :)

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