Anton van den Berg

Project Manager and Writer in Sandton, South Africa

Anton van den Berg

Project Manager and Writer in Sandton, South Africa

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I have just completed publishing my novel- Amanda: More than any woman.

Feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive and everybody maintains that this is a story that you have never read before.


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From my friend Goodnews Cadogan - someone I admire greatly, an extremely gifted individual, and a leader of many...

I believe you are one of very few 'white male' leaders in South Africa with the wide spectrum of consciousness that keeps you in the zone beyond race and gender when you look at your own needs and how you provide service to others. The wider that spectrum, the less it is about 'you as a person' and the more it will be about the 'system you serve'. I believe this is true for you because of my interactions with you, as well as in reading your writings. If I had a business or a program, on which my reputation was at stake, I would not hesitate to hire you as one of my team members.

The experience in both function and life experiences sets you apart in your ability to handle complex situations, irrespective of the context. You have long transcended functional and sector-specific peculiarities. Whether it is a Presidential Program at a National level, a SADC program for the region, commercial or public sector, it would be up your street.

Anton, both these two qualities are in short supply, not only in South Africa, but the world-over. Most functional, quality, interpersonal and intrapersonal requirements are a given when one speaks about you.

  • Education
    • MSc (Information Systems),
    • Leeds Beckett University