Anton Repnikov

Moscow, Russia

He was born in Moscow at 20-th of April 1989.

He early started to talk and sing. His feather sang an aria of Mr. X to Anton, when he was at her mother's belly. So, when Anton was a year-old he tried to render this song and was succesful.

After English specialized kinder-garden Anton's parents brought him to English specialized school # 1288, where he passed entering exams in 1996. He was not a good student and always said, that he didn't like to study. Anton especialy hated Maths. But he was the face of the school, played in school's theatre, leaded all the school's occasions and that is why he was forgiven for his laziness. He was always starting his studies at the very last moment, but because of his talent, he mainly was succesfull and finished the school with high marks.

Anton admires Ernest Hemingway. He always says that Hemingway's works inspired him to become a journalist. So he entered the Higher School of Economics in 2006 for Business and Political Journalism. There were a lot creative work at the University and Anton was succesfull only at the studies with a huge creative potential, but on the others he often was in tail. He finished the University at 2010 and went for a work as a sports journalist to Sport channel and later RIA News agency.

"When I reached two-years experience of journalistic work, I understood, that it is impossible for me to achieve something, I've dreamt about, while journalism is my main profession. So, I decided to turn it to my hobby and very soon I became what I wanted to be - sport commentator".

Tha main Anton's activities now are PR and Media Management. To improve his skills Anton had got a Master of Reputational Economy degree at Adam Smith's Institute. He has got a couple of potented PR-projects and very succesfull PR-strategies being turned into live. He was the first in Russia, who made PR-departement self-payment.

Anton is popular in his circle as a poet and writer. His works were nominated to the most prestigious Russian awards and one of his short stories had won White Tablet.

Anton Repnikov is very interested in cusine. He established a communicative platform "Self-Chef", which is supposed to be transformed in the very special restaurant in Moscow.