Anton Sheridan

Anton Sheridan (Anton Tereschenko) is a experienced DJ and producer. Styles: House, Progressive House, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Tribal House. Anton was born and raised in the city of Omsk. Since childhood Anton has loved music and has mastered the art of DJ-ing. In the beginning of 1999, he began his career as a DJ at Crystal Club in Omsk. In his beginning years of his profession, he managed to play his music at all the clubs in the city of Omsk. He participated in many activities related to the promoting and developing of club culture in the city of Omsk. He has been recognized by his colleagues and guest for the following: -In 2002, he was invited to design and develop a new club in the town Ishim -In 2004, he became a member of one of the most significant Siberian clubs know as, Chanty-Mansiysk -In 2005, he became a member and the Artistic Director of a club known as Chanty-Mansiys (Galaxy) -In 2007, DJ Anton Sheridan was the winner of the "Regional Championship" as the best DJ of the year. (GOLDEN LAXX DJ Battle of 2007) -In 2010, he participated in the Festival of Electronic Music and Extreme Sports "GES 2010" Since 2004, he was often a guest member of clubs throughout Russia, such as; Area 1 (Chanty-Mansiysk), Galaxy (Chanty-Mansiysk), Olympus (Chita), Epicenter (Ulan-Ude), Chaliapin (Tomsk), Batman (Dyuman), Bunker (Novosibirsk), Mirage (Nizhnevartovsk), Blizzard (Pyt-yah), Aquilon (Sergut), Megapolis (Sergut), Harletquin (Tobolsk), Relax (Chita), and Atlantas (Omsk). Over the years, Seridan has shared the stage with such monster music stars as; Bobina (Russia), Dimetry Bobrov (Russia), Andy Morris from the Narcotic Thrust (UK), Wonder land Avenue (London UK), Joseph Armani (Italy), Musa Clark (Italy), L. Marco MEI (Italy), and MISS Roberta (Italy). The greatest quality of DJ Anton, is that he knows how to manage the mood and carry only perfect emotion in the hearts of the people. This proves to be true in all of his performances. As you listen to his music you will without a doubt understand his perfection! The greatest quality of DJ Anton is his ability to carry the beat and touch the hearts of the people. Listening to his music will only bring conviction to his amazing skills in DJ-ing.