Antony Jackson

California, United States

The heading is my date of birth i born to a very lovable parents, from india.

I love making friends trough out the world if possible i am even ready to make friends out side the planet earth even outside the universe.

I believe in this native american sayings "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves." so i love everyone even if they dont love me i will keep on loving them and i am so proud to say that i have no enemies. And i always admire at the people who has given so much to the upliftment of this planet and i always wanna to give something to this world in return as of now i am hitting everyone with my love to whom ever i meet.

Few thoughts about money, money is the root cause for all the evil thinks that happens below the sky...hmmmm, so lets do something to remove the money from our life and we will sell anything only by exchanging love and smile and lets start seeing the value inside human-beings not on money, we shall rank any person by the amount of people he/she earns and the amount of love he/she has for the fellow people and nature.

Final Thoughts !!

This is me and i love to live a happy life and i am happy to say to the people that i am happy,without thinking any fake things that spoils the true value of nature.

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