Antony Gaddie

I believe that there is currently enough water, food, knowledge and resources for every single person on Earth to lead a decent lifestyle. Whether or not that reality comes true will depend on some of the simple actions which myself and millions of other ordinary people take (or fail to take?) - I know which direction I'm personally taking!

I've had the amazing privilege of closing $83M of sales in my career so far and my journey moving forwards is to share the marketing and business development tools I have learned with as many small businesses and human empowerment organisations as possible. I am slowly challenging the Marketing status quo by empowering small businesses with really cool tools (that already have a proven track record) - at prices that every single small business can afford. The Internet and our business partners are really helping to make that happen ;)

My ultimate goal is to contribute directly to the joy of millions of people around the world by helping the UN and other specific empowerment organisations to achieve the 'voice' they deserve and the empowerment outcomes they're helping to go after.