Good morning. He is Antony, an architecture student. He isn't a passionate follower of Welsh Rugby, hates cooking, Doesn’t play trumpet and Jazz and isn’t learning Moroccan Castanets. But he was elected Queen of the English course. Queen Elizabeth is jealous, she wants the title. Last day, during William and Kate’s marriage, Antony spoke with the Duke of Buckingham about the future revival of the monarchy. The United Kingdom will live new happy days when the economic crisis will destroy the world. Why not.

You can see, Antony doesn’t have much to say about him. It should be a little shy, That's Why he likes to invent crazy stories.

Do you know «Mamika»? This is the story of a contemporary grandmother. Queen Elizabeth is jealous about her too. Antony loves to follow his adventures. Maybe in a few years it will be like that too. It isn’t his only dream. Above all he wants to make his place in the architecture’s world. It doesn’t require popularity or the Nobel Prize for peace. He just wants to do what he loves.