Antony Ward

Leeds, UK

I have been working within the games development industry since 1993 for some of the biggest companies at a senior level. During this time, I have grown as both an artist and animator as well as a manager.

My senior positions within the art departments have enabled me to develop my skills in not only managing my own time and workload but also that of a team. I have proven myself adaptable, tough under pressure and a good team player. My understanding of the industry, having worked from the bottom up to leading on a big budget project, has allowed me to be confident in my own abilities. This has meant I have been able to pass on the skills I have learned effectively through both my in-house roles, my books, and the many tutorials I have written and recorded.

I am the author of three successful technical manuals, Game Character Development in Maya (2004), Game Character Development (2008) and 3D Modeling in Silo (2010). These have been popular and have been translated into many different languages including Chinese.

I have also written many tutorials for 3DArtist and 3DWorld magazines as well as produced video tutorials for Digital Tutors.