Anto Black 46


Anto Susanto is My Name all people used to call Me Anto. I'm from Pandeglang – BANTEN and I was born there 0n 04 of Novenber 1992. And these are some of my identities :

- Name : Anto Susanto

- The Date of Birth : Pandeglang, 04 of November 1992

- Adress : Mandalawangi, Pandeglang – BANTEN

- Hobby : Listening to the musicFavorite Band : NOAH – Linkin Park

- Motto : Don't Think How To Be The Best But Think How To Do The Best

I'm student of University in Jombang – East Java and I major in English Literature. This is my Ecucational Background :

- SDN Pandat 1

- MTS Tafriijul Ahkam Cikiray

- MA Tafriijul Ahkam Cikiray

- UNIPDU Jombang as yet.

46 is my favorite number because it's belonged to my favorite motogp racer "Valentino Rossi".

so... Don't forget to be routine to visit my web at or click here hehehe...