Sara Anttonen


Well, what can I tell you. I grew up in finland. When I was a kid, the cold weather drove me to a decision: when I grow up, I'm going to sell bananas for living in some tropical country and never return to Finland. Right now I'm half way there, studying tourism in Universitat de Lleida in Catalunya and Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Hopefully after finishing my bachelors degree I will find an interesting job in tourism, something other than selling bananas.

I have travelled quite a lot, for me it is the best way to use my money. As they say “travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. I prefer backpacking and sustainable travelling.

Alongside my studies I am working as a waitress and a bartender, and enjoying every minute of it! The best part is meeting new people, and the element of surprise: you never know what the day will end up to be like. I truly enjoy making people happy, and working as a team with my incredible workmates.

  • Work
    • Bartender
  • Education
    • Universidad De Lleida
    • Lahti University of Applied Sciences