Ant Wilson-Prangley


In a dynamic world, people who want to have an impact face two important questions:

What do you care passionately about?

How do you affect change on this issue?

I help senior executives in business, government and the social sector answer these two questions in order to impact the world around them. In particular, I am focussed on helping leaders bridge divides for a collective impact.

I am a faculty member at GIBS, the Gordon Institute of Business Science, in Johannesburg. GIBS is the graduate business school of the University of Pretoria, and is ranked by the Financial Times as the top business school in Africa.

I have spent more than a decade exploring the places and understanding the people that are shaping today's South Africa. Together, with project partners and colleagues, I take clients out of the classroom on field visits, where we share real stories of people leading change. We reflect on the experience and on what we each care about. We are reminded of the strategic choices we face and learn ways to work across diverse stakeholders to bring change to our organisations and beyond.

In my consulting work, I help organisations and individuals lead change, bridge divides and create social impact. My research is focussed on multi-stakeholder collaboration and Integrative Public Leadership. I have an MBA from GIBS and an MA (Sociology) from the University of Witwatersrand.

I live in Parkview, Johannesburg, with my wife and two young boys. I am passionate about this city and our country.

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