Anu Avabi

Chatmohar, Pabna, Bangladesh

y for the late

Anu Avabi's birth name is Md Amirul Islam. His family is originated in Chatmohar Pabna area in Rajsahi. He started his direction career in 2009s. He first directed in drama " Vai" in 2009 at the age of 16. He first high light in his direcction drama of "Here after the bonus" in 2011. It was produced by IAS circle-2011. Amirul Islam set his stage-name Anu avabi in 2011. Since then he is known as Anu Avabi.

Anu avabi launched his career with the 2009 drama "vai" produced Kalatan. In the local production.He starred in a number of drama which could not do well at box office. In the 2014-2015, he started focus success when he make short film "The forget story" On a real story of baby murder in chatmohar. This short film many previews of film festival. He established his self as one of the leading making of drama "Not equal" actress of Rashed Mamun Opu, Shimana, Mithu Monir, Saifuzzaman sumon & more. But the drama is super flop.

He directed over 7 drama in Bangla in few years. He follow with Direction like Mostofa sarowar faruki, Onimash yaise, Mohammad mostofa kamal raj, more others.

Anu Avabi recently press his new direction in this year. His new production "Sorry for the late" & a full movie "Fake".

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    • Dhaka, Bangladesh
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    • BBA