Anu D'Souza

I have had the opportunity to work with well known companies in advertising and marketing (Unilever, Ogilvy, BBDO) on some very well loved brands (Dove, Nivea, Pond's, Cadbury's, Mainland) in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. Having also had the chance to develop a high-end personal care brand from scratch at Unilever, and tasting some success with it at the time, I always wanted to develop and run my own business, which is what I'm doing now.Experience serving on the Boards of multiple organisations made me realise that many organisations lose sight of their reason for being. I also felt that organisations, particularly in the services sector, can have a disconnect between their stated external offering and the values,beliefs and norms upheld internally by their employees. And I thought I could make a difference here. So I now run a company called Bricoleur Consulting. As a company we offer complementarity of the skillsets of marketing and HR. We feel this complemetarity enables us to provide practical solutions in the areas of talent acquisition, engagement and development.The objective of our company is to help service organisations optimise their internal resources to best deliver on their external offering.