Anugrah Bohrey

Vancouver, b.c. Canada

Not so long ago in the land of extremes (India) was born a liar, but little did he know of his divine gift. He did not lie or speak anything but the truth for 5 years and then one fortunate day, it happened. In India the marriages just have to last (arranged services come with a set of rules) and so was lasting his parents’ marriage which now was just an institution. Now the burden of not pestering and irritating them further, lay on the feeble shoulders of our boy and so he lied. It worked. Legend tells that he never used the same lie after using it once. His grandmother told him that it was bad to lie but it was not bad to make things up. He started calling his lies, stories. He went to school, in India you go to school either to become an engineer or doctor but the boy hated both math and science. Someone once heard him say that every doctor and engineer loves coming home to a story. He grew up and went to college and chose stories again (did his English honours). Another transition came the boy’s way and he grew up a little more. Now the world asked him to prove himself (by making money) again the boy chose stories. He worked in a humour magazine (RANDOM) where he was asked to write an analysis for a Kurosawa film. The boy grew ambitious he wanted to see his lies, his stories on the celluloid. He went to a film school (Vancouver Film School) and learnt the art of script writing, and you know what? He wasn't half bad at it... in a matter of time he had two of his ambitious stories (screenplays) produced. Now, the bugger could've went on writing scripts, but we have estabilished that the boy is a habitual sinner Our sources say that he has written 2 feature length screenplays and over a dozen short films and he seems to be very hopeful. He was last heard saying that every doctor and engineer loves coming home to a film.

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