Anu Anbu

My room is a lot like my mind. When on one side there is a lot of empty space, the other is simply junk piled up. I figured that the reason lies in my inability to get rid of things of the past. Instead of disposing it I just continue to add to the pile. Until and unless there is no place left in that part of my mind, do I begin to explore the rest of the vacant space.

I welcome you into my world of exploration. Into the world of marketing.

The journey began about 4 years ago when I first joined Loyola College for the Visual Communication course. I learnt a lot, discovered things, rediscovered them and found myself immersed in projects, pressure and internships.

After completing my degree I headed straight off into the working environment. The reason for this being that I felt the need to put to test what I had learnt so far before continuing my studies. I worked in two different agencies, with a combined work experience of about a year. And what an experience it was. Hard work, crazy deadlines, silly mistakes, sacrifice and commitment. However, the excitement when your ad goes out, a pat on the back and the most amazing feeling of satisfaction after a long day's work made all of it worthwhile.

As much as I enjoyed my work, a sudden desire for knowledge arose. I wanted to learn more, prepare myself for the changing times and then come back into the industry. Smarter, more equipped and all the more committed.

I came across EMDI institute and the Team.i School of New in Bangalore. This place, the industry faculty, the unique teaching process continues to fascinate me.

Given the opportunity, I will be committed to use my acquired skills and experience to the best of thecompany’s interest while being a promising individual at delivering excellence in all areas.

Failure is not an option for me. Not because I have never failed, but because nothing according to me
is real failure, it is merely a stepping stone, that extra push and a true awakener. I will fight every battle
that comes my way and will always make the most of the situation.

I sincerely look forward to being a part of the exploration process and learn everything the industry has
to offer.

Because, my mind is a lot like my room. It can’t get rid of things of the past, but it always, always has space for more.