Anuj Auditore



I am from India. I am a Civil Engineer. I am a Fascinating person. Presently I am hunting a good job for me. I have six months of teaching experience. I will do M.E. or I wanna be a Bridge Engineer in abroad.

I am inspired by Bruce Wayne and Batman. Both are fictional but motivational characters.

I am active, serious, hard worker. I believe in team work. I have leadership quality. These are my quality for my work or job.

I am generous, fascinating, attractive, friendly, frank, helpful person. These are my qualities for peoples.

I don't believe in cast and creed. I only believe in Humanity.

I am The Game. I believe in Realistic.

I am a Gamer. I love to play video games and 8 Ball Pool. Watching football, singing, cooking, appreciating music, visiting to new places. All are my hobbies.

My virtue is helping others and my vice is straight forward. I speak on face.

Encouragement and positive thinking are my strength. Affection is my weakness.

  • Work
    • Civil engineer
  • Education
    • S.D. Inter College, Kanker Khera, Meerut
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Kissan Inter College, Kanker Khera, Meerut