Anuj Dayal

Hi my name is Anuj Dayal I am 24 yrs old & I live in.Delhi dwarka( india). I have done aircraft maintenance engineereg which I completed in 2011 & but currently working in bpo as I couldn't get job in my field. My hobbies are listening music & watching TV . I watch tv channels like Nat Geo, discovery & history channel & also news channels.When I was in school I always wanted to be a pilot but when I came in 12 th standard I came to know that its very expensive & not for middle class people like me so I decided to do aircraft maintenance engineering which is 3 yrs course neither degree nor diploma but only a certificate course. During 2 nd yr of my college I came to know that I have colour blindness which made me very frustrated but I decided to complete the course because I couldn't afford to join other course from beginning.I passed all my AME exams & got DGCA basic certificate for heavy aircraft & jet engine. After this I struggled a lot to get job even unpaid in aviation but couldn't get that due to lack of experience as told by my interviewers. I worked with some BPOs with disheartened feedings & now I have learnt many things about how to handle different problems. I always keep trying to get into my field & if I didn'tget any start I will keep working here in bpo. My friends asks me that why I speak so less that is because after running a lot after career & job I like peace & calmness & I feel sorry for this because a person should mix up socially & I appreciate people who makes friends very fast. But personally I like to remain in my comfort zoneThe other thing that I miss a lot is my father who passed away when I was in 12 th standard, he was a govt employee, after my father's death I lived without guidance. I learnt things after making mistakes for which I had to suffer.That's all about me , thanks for reading this article. If you like this article then please send me ur feedback at my mail is ie,2015)