Anuj Kothari

Mumbai, India

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I am a wanderer by heart, but could never dare to express, initially because I was told that its not good to be so, later because I was too busy becoming what I became by chance. I did MBA in Marketing and so the obvious choice of work was becoming a Sales Professional. But that didn't satisfy me. I felt the need of connecting with real world, and do things which I can see, feel and touch. I started meeting people who were doing more in life. They weren’t very rich at pockets but definitely were rich at heart. Their faces showed joy, happiness, a lot of other emotions, but above all they showed satisfaction, which I find missing every where, including my space. So I decided to follow my heart. And here I am, meeting people, knowing their story and learning social science.I aim to become a Life Coach and fill gaps, connect dots. One needs to know exactly what and where, and then only you can fill the gap. I am learning that art.So if you need help in connecting dots for your personal development at your own space, knock my door, be my guest :)

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