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How often should I get my blood pressure checked?

Circulatory strain is measured with a straightforward easy test for the most part utilizing an electronic pulse screen. This comprises of an inflatable sleeve that is wrapped around the upper arm (some circulatory strain sleeves wrap around the lower arm or wrist) and is connected to an electronic screen that gives an advanced readout of the circulatory strain and heartbeat.

The systolic pulse number is dependably said to start with, and Omron Blood pressure monitor the diastolic circulatory strain number is given. For instance, your circulatory strain might be perused as "120 more than 80" or composed 120/80.

Heartbeat is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Regardless, generally the "mmHg" is not used while declaring the circulatory strain.

* If your circulatory strain is typical (under 120/80), get it checked at any rate once at regular intervals. In any case, as you get more established your pulse is probably going to increment and you ought to be checked all the more regularly, as much of the time as your specialist recommends.

* If your circulatory strain is marginal high - systolic pulse in the vicinity of 120 and 139 or diastolic pulse in the vicinity of 80 and 89 - get it checked in any event once every year, or all the more frequently as your specialist proposes.

* If your circulatory strain is 140/90 or higher, converse with your specialist as this is hypertension and requires a specialist's consideration.