Anum Hashmi

My only purpose of being on this is to share my knowledge and religious information with my sisters in Islam and also to gain knowledge , I am not here to share about my personal life

Quran has always been a light in my life but ever since I have begun to understand it, it has changed my life dramatically for the better.

Qur'an is my dearest friend and always will be InshaAllah. When I was in depression and alone, the Qur'an was there for me and was my friend. The Qur'an helps to answer all of my questions about life. The Qur'an tells me stories and tells me to be patient in life and trust Allah. Allah is the one and only Lord. He is the best cure of all illnesses and makes duas come true. He is The Only One Who can give life to the sick.

The Qur'an teaches me much and helps me get through the hardest times.