Hi I am called Anumara by what I call my upstairs department friends, this name I had never heard of before and it made me very curious. My given name is Jenny.

This page and the messages that come are from automatic writing. This is me being in contact with my higher self that resides in no time.

Now the name, Anumara is a place in Western Australia, it’s an aboriginal word meaning caterpillar dreaming. Which is a dreamtime place that these particular caterpillars go to. This particular caterpillar turns into an Australian Hawkmoth, and as the name suggests they fly very fast.

Now what’s fascinating to me about this is I am not aboriginal, in fact I was born in New Zealand.

A caterpillar to me is a creature of transformation and of metamorphosis. A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. Now that, I believe is what a lot of humanity is either doing or would like to do.

So a little more about me. I live on a farm in Australia which is around 287 acres, my husband and I have made it as self-sufficient as possible. We are blessed with an abundant Australian wildlife which includes the cutest wallabies and the not so cute snakes and leeches.

So what am I doing posting blogs? Well I used to work with people one on one , before my farm days in a spiritual counselling sort of way. And now I have found myself with words to share and messages to give and alas the creatures around me aren’t that interested, they already know who they are and they do not seem to get caught up in any personality disorders!

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