Anupam Kundu

NYC, India, France, Uganda, China

Currently engaged with ThoughtWorks, Inc. Member of the leadership team for ThoughtWorks Office of Social Change Initiatives (OSCI) and North East US.

Adept in helping clients conceive, design and implement technology fueled business strategies that promote growth and provide definitive competitive edge.


● Mix strategic thinking with meticulous delivery while bringing people of diverse interests and backgrounds together
● Find common threads and patterns across verticals
● Interdisciplinary consulting to create new services lines and accelerate change management
● Blend strategic thinking, technology and creativity to create products (e-commerce, social impact, digital media etc) for impact
● Mentoring to be better and smarter than me

Co-crafted one of a kind

Key Traits: Thinker, Builder, Improver, Producer
StrengthsFinder (TM) Key Attributes: Activator, Woo, Futuristic, Command, Self –Assurance

Additionally, focused on delighting dog parents and dog lovers through

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