Anupam Chakra

Student in Bhubaneswar, India

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A happy go lucky freak, hails from the streets of eastern India. A fun loving person! Passionate about football, internet, editing(designing as they say it), computers and tech. Believes in putting great effort to face the grueling ordeal of obstructions but basically is a guy next door who tries to study, says yes, ignores, opens whatsapp, updates status, opens facebook, scrolls down the newsfeed, likes photos, plays FIFA, loves dogs and doesn't takes himself seriously. Coz self obsession! I take "be a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life" way too seriously! I ignore everything to watch midnight football and that is not a good time to start a conversation with me. Moody at times! I ignore people whenever I want. I want to be a designer(web/graphics/app UI). My lesser known side has me as a photo editor as often I drive into photography! And started earning a while ago. Sssh!

I want to get professional with:

i) web and graphic design

ii) designing brand identity which includes logo, image and text editing.

iii) videography or documentary movie making(A wish. As I would put it that way!)

iv) Software Engg =)

I don't like attending seminars, probably which are not tech related. Introvert by nature and shy at confessing my love. Also I don't like communication labs and personality development classes. I love FC Barcelona, social networking and gymming. Leo Messi, Eminem, Mark Zuckerberg are the self made personalities I've always admired.

And now it's high time for me considering getting a life, no? Bye.