Anurag Viswanathan

United Arab Emirates

Microsoft Certified IT professional with 5+ Years of experience in Networking, Security Management System Administration and Technical Support.

Dimensioning, sizing configuration, installation of servers hardware for services like web, mail, domain name system (DNS/DNSSEC), chat, FTP, proxies, storage, clustering, access controls , firewalls, routers , switches, etc.

* Installation of OS and required service packages: both open source and proprietary.
* Updating and maintaining OS and software to the latest releases, patches, etc.
* implement security tools and practices across servers and applications/services.
* Implementation, operation and management of services like web, mail, DNS etc.
* Ensure configurations and data backup of services and implement recovery from disaster
* Assist in the operation and maintenance of BT’s LAN/WAN and its services.
* Function as wholesome Systems Administrator independently
* Record servers and services/applications logs and analyse them
* Deploying best security measures
* Study and evaluate for appropriateness both commercial and open source security tools. And implement for maximum protection across the servers and services
* back up, secure and protect data
* Detect, analyze, and defend against network penetration
* Install Firewalls: application gateways and Access Control List based packet filters
* Configure and installation of routers , vpn, switches , access points and Network like Virtual Private Networks , ADSL , DSL , broadband etc
* Propose, plan, experiment and implement robust authentication mechanisms – both network and host based.
* Assist in identifying, recommending and implementing new processes or amendments to current ones to improve team functionality and services
* Review network documentation against regulatory & security standards, best practices and company requirements
* Recommend and implement Network security
* Protect systems – servers and services from external and internal threat

  • Education
    • Master of Business Administration ( MBA in SYSTEMS )