Anurag Gupta Houston

An accomplished process engineer residing in the greater Houston metropolitan area, Anurag Gupta holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from HBTI and a master of science in chemical engineering from the University of Arkansas. His areas of expertise range from process design and plant operations to project engineering for the polymer and petrochemical industries, and he has filed and received more than 10 US patents for innovations in these fields. A longtime resident of the Houston region, Anurag Gupta has served in a series of positions with the chemicals arm of the international conglomerate Chevron Phillips.

Anurag Gupta most served as director of Chemtech Process Services/Impex Colors, Inc., a process chemicals manufacturer and distributor with offices in North America and Asia. In his position at the company, he helped establish and develop its full line of products. His responsibilities also extended to handling a wide range of duties related to financing and market research.

  • Education
    • University of Arkansas