Anurag Maloo अनुराग मालू

Entrepreneurial Evangelist, Startup Community Architect, and Public Speaker in India

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Anurag Maloo is an Indo-Asian startup innovation Community Architect. As a Regional Manager for South & Central Asia with Techstars and Startup Weekend for 5 years, he is responsible for the cultivation and sustained growth of vibrant startup ecosystems in India, SAARC nations (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives) and Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan). He is incredibly passionate about fostering entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem, grassroots leadership, and building strong collaborative startup communities. He has been involved in various startup initiatives, community empowerment and leadership development programs, and bringing innovation into the corporate world. He has travelled to nearly 53+ countries across Asia Pacific & Europe working with startup community builders and early state startups and governments to develop their entrepreneurship ecosystems. With his proven track record of experience cultivating key influencers within diverse geopolitical regions, Anurag has succeeded in creating inclusive startup communities in turbulent and struggling, yet developing ecosystems and emerging economies of Asia. His interests range from entrepreneurship to education, startups to sustainability, social impact to grassroots innovations, and peace building communities.

Being a storyteller, teacher and life explorer, he can be found having engaging in authentic conversations with friends and random people, sharing life stories, radiating positive joyous happy energies, enriching audiences with his traveling experiences and narrating inspirational humane stories around the world from the hot deserts of Rajasthan to the cold and polar deserts of Antarctica, from travelling along the ancient trade cities on the Silk Road to the vast, wild grasslands and virgin landscapes of nomadic Mongolia, and from staying in the majestic Himalayan villages to trekking to the Base of the World's highest mountain, Mt. Everest Basecamp in the Khumbhu glacier.

  • Work
    • Techstars, StartupWeekend, TFI
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology)
    • Leadership on the Edge
    • Jagriti Yatra