Anurag Misra

Software Engineer, Writer, and Public Speaker in Pune, India

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Hey, I’m Anurag. I'm a fresh graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. INDIA. I would describe myself as a workaholic, who upon setting a target, likes to work incessantly on it. I have this weird habit of paying importance to every small detail and a special focus on a good visual appeal in my work, though unimportant. I am a fan of machine learning techniques, data analysis to give meaningful unforeseeable insights, new upcoming technologies, music, and arts. I appreciated the beauty of machine learning during the course CS771 Machine Learning Techniques at IIT Kanpur. I believe that the future of technology lies in development of AI, machine learning. I’m also interested in computer graphics. It was fun to develop your own game using OpenGL, and another course Computer Vision also provided meaningful insight into the technology that today aids us in daily life. I share a keen interest in developing software and web solutions, writing fictions, fine arts and public speaking. I am usually very energetic and like to work out. I believe that body and mind go in together. I also have a way with dance. I consider myself a very innovative person, who likes to speculate and dream about stuff. If you like me, do check my resume. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

  • Education
    • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur