Anurag Misra

Software Developer, Writer, and Public Speaker in Pune, India

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Hey, I’m Anurag. a Computer Science Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, INDIA currently enjoying life as a Full Stack Developer helping companies build their products.

I take immense pride in being a workaholic, who upon setting a target, likes to work incessantly on it. To cut things short, I am outright a startup person, and currently grinding in the startup ecosystem of India, meeting people, developing products and learning new technologies. I have had stints with three startups in Pune. First, RxHealth where I worked closely with the formulating, designing, and developing their apps and web platforms. They had a unique vision of automating and aiding the doctor patient interaction, and I was simply driven by the application of the idea. It was fun working with them.

I am currently helping two companies develop their products. InMeet which is aiming at automating and easing the meeting process and RealX that aims to transform the real estate business by offering fractional ownership. After developing all these products, I have to admit, I have this weird habit of paying importance to every small detail and 'special focus' on good visual appeal of my work, though it may go unnoticed. It is perhaps reflected in the InMeet's android and iOS apps, and their management web portal, where I worked with the team discussing and debating every small aspect, from design to requirement specification. It is really wonderful how teams can come, coordinate and work together to achieve amazing goals. The creative satisfaction of working in a team to build up things from scratch is unparalleled

Though I have always been a fan of machine learning techniques and data analysis to give meaningful unforeseeable insights and keen to work in it, I got introduced to the beauty of JAVA and OOP developing InMeet's and RealX's backend. OOP is really a bliss in software development, and technologies like Spring a boon in developing great, stable, robust software solutions. Now, with InMeet's product up in the market, and RealX in it's full stride to complete the first transaction, I am hoping for some big news coming my way, fingers crossed.

Getting away from the technical jargon, I share a keen interest in writing fictions, fine arts and public speaking. I really fancy the idea of maybe someday, becoming a political leader :P, and lead the nation. Haha! In the meantime i am testing out my skills, convincing and brainwashing my friends.

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    • InMeet & RealX
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    • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur