Anurag Sharma

Hi! I am Anurag. By profession, a software developer & by passion an entrepreneur, trying to make things work...I love to understand business and very much inspired by the business aspects of technologies. For me, "Imagination is everything".

Most of my work addresses problems and opportunities I see around me. I used to provide solutions in the area of training, consulting and development as a freelancer. In my 5+ years of life as an IT engineer, I have worked in Telecom, Finance and Healthcare domains. After trying my hands on web (Java / J2EE) and mobile (Android) technologies, I moved into the world of User Experience (UX).

Recently, I realised "Aptitude Test" is used in every walk of life but people (specially freshers) lack awareness about the same. My recent initiative is dedicated to students and working professionals who want any sort of help regarding cracking aptitude tests. Thinking OUT-OF-THE-BOX, Strategy Building and Innovative approaches is what I believe in teaching.

I dream! I Imagine! And I strongly believe in power of "The Secret".