Anura Perera

Philanthropist in Kenya

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Anura Perera started his career selling construction equipment for Caterpillar, Inc. in the African country of Zambia. Since he left that job to start his own business, Anura Perera has built an international business through the use of a carefully engineered network of business partnerships. With multiple businesses and significant assets in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Anura Perera has amassed funds that he now uses to help the lives of others. Anura Perera sponsors the many efforts of the Triple Gem Society, a philanthropic and humanitarian organization created by Buddhist monk Bhante Wimala. It is dedicated largely to disaster relief and reconstruction, as well as projects aimed at reducing poverty. For example, with funding and arrangements for storage and customs clearance from Anura Perera, the Triple Gem Society was able to ship 100 wheelchairs to Kenya where they were given to locals living with disabilities. In 2005, thanks to Anura Perera's funding, the Triple Gem Society built homes for 24 Sri Lankan families who lost their homes in the tsunami that devastated their village the year before. These new homes are built of brick with tile roofs and come with indoor plumbing, septic tanks, and electricity. Anura Perera supports Bhante Wimala'€™s message that this kind of work does more than help those in need; it also has a positive effect on those who give of themselves to help ease the suffering of others.