Anusha Dubey

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi to Everyone..... I love to motivate people I cant hurt people and want every one around me to be happy always.... I love to live life my way....... just enjoy your life as you may not get it again. I want to teach people that it’s okay to be yourself, and it’s okay to stand alone. Over the years I’ve learned never to give up, and I’ve learned that a lot of people will tell you to quit, they will try to bring you down and tell you things to break you. But the only voice you should listen to, is your own. You know why you are here, if you don't, you soon will understand that all is perfect. Allow this energy to guide you, you are safe and all so dearly loved. I love you as I AM YOU. The motive is keep inspire people with quotes, stories , status and saying ... An individual is needed to be motivated by all the time Quotes, stories, status That Helps You To Understand A lot of things In Your Life, they can help you to get over pain, make you smile. Quotes, stories, status that helps you in your life. quotes, stories, status about relationships to make easier for people, quotes , stories, status that make you smile, strong A message 2 start ur day A prayer 2 bless ur way A cheer 2 perfect ur day & A moment 2 say anusha dubey wants to help you live the life of victory and abundance that God intended for you. Take care & hv a nice day much love ♥

  • Work
    • Kaspersky India
  • Education
    • St. Francis High School
    • Harvard University