Anushka Wettasinghe

Chef, Student, and Actor in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Hey there, I’m Anushka Wettasinghe

I’m a student and a Pastry chef (trainee) who still trynna cook things without burning'em...

i Studied at Carey College, Colombo&Mahanama College, Colombo 03for now i'm doing my higher education atSri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

Done, Human Resource Management and Internet Marketing

living in Colombo, Sri Lanka (used to)

Relationship Status: (x) Waiting for a miracle

me : Interested in cooking and volunteering for shits

Trynna see the world differently by having a weird life,Doing weird shits

21 and Counting

weight 56.4,Height 5.9

Tap to make a call +94755658041

Calling by Nick names like

"Anushka ,Wette ,Anu ,Jerry ,Joker"

Got family with 4 members including myself and Dog & 7 Cats

Still i don't know what the hell i'm doing with my life

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