Anushrut Khare

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

I am a man of many cities, I was born in Tarapur near Mumbai, where I spent my Childhood then moved to Kudankulam near Kanyakumari, where I spent my adoloscenthood then moved to Jaipur where I am spending my Adulthood.

People call me smart, I call them dumb. I am a subtle cool guy with a pich of humor. And yeah I like learning things and am very irritatingly curious about how, when, why, who of random things.

I own a website, where I post some really jaw-dropping stories. (Go check it out)

Currently working on a Startup that will revolutionize how youth of India shops on e-commerce websites.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • Manipal University