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I love digital marketing(internet marketing and as Internet Entrepreneur) and it is my passion! I have been helping many companies to generate more leads and customer using my skills.

My mission is providing comprehensive digital marketing services and creation of advertising campaigns for our business clients or companies.

== > Responsible for overall IT Management roles including planning infrastructure architecture and IT operations management

== > Strong Internet marketing skills mentored by world class specialist internet marketers

# Budget planning for software/hardware and outsourcing

# Managing sale and marketing strategies

# Analyze website requirements suited for online market including design and implementing site development methodologies

# Research hot markets and product developments

# SEO, SEM content management for search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Hotmail and much more

# Develop online marketing strategies

# Social medias: FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit, Hi5, MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn, Forums,Articles, broadcast and more

# Analyze website platform and strategies suitable for search engines

# Customer service management & planning

# Monitor websites performances metrics and proactively create actionable online statistic reports base on key trends, insights and site commentary on a weekly and monthly basis

# Consulting, providing, planning and supporting strategies in order to guide effectively direction to customer

# Knowledge of creative articles following the keyword, links building, backlinks techniques to generate free traffic for page range on search engines

# Knowledge of new website generation (web 2.0) with SEO and analyst the competition

# Using the most effectively internet marketing tools available for online markets

# Mobile marketing : Local mobile marketing, QR code, Mobile sms& text ads, mobile google ads, mobile with social media Specialties e-marketing,Digital marketing agency, digital marketing consultant,Internet Marketing Consultant,Social Media Marketing,Search Engine Marketing Manager,Digital Marketing,Internet Marketing Analyst,e-Marketing,Mobile marketing,local search,QR code,QR tracking,mobile text advertising