Anuvrat Singh

I love the world of Formula 1 racing and am a loyal supporter of Ferrari. And I am damn sure you shall never hear me talk highly of Lewis Hamilton. But recently with all the politics endangering the sport, my interest in it has slightly dwindled. Apart from F1, the only other sport that I follow is soccer. I love the Chelsea FC. Having spent an year in Germany I have developed a sort of liking for them. No wonder they are the National team I support in the World Cup Finals. Oliver Kahn has been my all time best keeper. Apart from these two interests, I also like to solve sudoku and am learning speed-cubing. My current best time has been 57 sec using a Funskool cube. My brother has been my teacher. You must look at him go, he takes on an average 30 sec to complete the cube ! I used to play chess when in school, but have since then lost my touch. If I were to name one thing I cannot live without, then it would most certainly be music. There is always some background music playing on in my room. I mostly listen to heavy metal and progressive metal/rock. Recently I've also started listening to classic rock.