Anveshkumar Kolluri

Graduate Assistant in Maryville, Missouri

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"Give your 100% in anything you do". (Love this Quote)

People do lots of things everyday, but I try doing 100% of everything I do, that means everything of everything .

I wonder if coding is food. It gives me lots of energy. I have good management skills as a leader,volunteering and addressing crowds of people. I have the development experience with Java, but have recently been working in ASP .NET. I'm happiest working as a programmer contributing to all elements of a system: the front end JavaScript and markup, server side, build automation, deployment processes, and infrastructure automation code, MySql database. I am always fresh towards learning and passionate about work. The only thing that can stop me from what I am doing is me dying, thats the base I build in my mind before starting something.

I have been organising and volunteering for organizations "Volunteering for a better India", " The Art of Living Foundation" and "Alpha Phi Omega". I have a good adaptability and dedicative attitude. I am highly motivated with a strong desire to learn.

Right now I am a Graduate Assistant in Northwest Missouri State University. I am a member in "Alpha Phi Omega" Fraternity. It has whole tons of service chapters. I also work in Aramark food Corporation. I am also into a Research Project, the domain is Speech Synthesis. I do a whole lot of things at a time managing myself accordingly and trying to do things 100%.

  • Education
    • Masters in Applied Computer Science
    • Northwest Missouri State University