Khoirul Anwar

Public Speaker, Editor, and Social Media Manager in Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Please help me ...

I'm an Indonesian. I am a Civil Civil servants who are married and have 3 children, but at the moment I'm in trouble finance / economics. even for household needs, I had to borrow from neighbors and relatives.

I have a palm garden with an area of 2 hectares. As my efforts to improve my situation and my family, I want to sell the farm, with the price of Rp. 110,000,000 IDR ($ 8.300). For two months I have been offered to the family, friends, and others, but my garden has not yet been sold.

For that, I beg of you who are interested or who can help me, so presumably willing to buy my farm it. I thank the good intentions of the brothers.
I wish my brothers get appropriate rewards from Allah swt.

to all my relatives or friends please give advice or how to earn money, or income from the internet.

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