Anwardi Jamil

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born in Singapore on December 9, 1958 to film director Jamil Sulong and actress Rosnani Jamil. Brought to Malaysia in 1969 and studied in La Salle PJ until 1976. Joined NST as a reporter until 1979 to further my studies in ITM (Mass Communication). Got my degree in 1982 and rejoin NST for a year before accepting a position in TV3 as a producer. Married in 1983 to Puteh Jerineh Ramli and had four kids. Left TV3 in 1985 and became a filmmaker. Started Double VIsion in 1990 but left in 1995 to join the corporate world of Measurex Corp. as its Executive Director. Returned to the film world in 1999 forming Manjafilms Sdn Bhd. Decided production was too much of a drain of my own resources so took a Consultant position with Ideate Media Sdn Bhd managing its Local Content. To date, directed three movies, produced four and many many television shows.

  • Work
    • Ideate Media Sdn Bhd
  • Education
    • PhD Cinema Studies