Anwar Heidary

A devoted philanthropist who reaches out to people in Canada, Anwar Heidary serves as Consultant to Smart Financial Consulting. Utilizing his years of experience in the financial markets as well as an earlier career as an engineer, Mr. Heidary recognizes real-estate development opportunities with potential for advanced returns as well as crucial infrastructure projects aimed at benefitting his clients. In addition, Anwar Heidary supports excellence in early childhood education to prepare students for rigorous primary, secondary, and collegiate education.

Anwar Heidary’s accomplishments caught the attention of political officials in Afghanistan, who, in 1995, invited him to participate in needed housing construction projects. Working with government officials, community advocates, and business people, Anwar Heidary helped develop a strategy to complete the construction as quickly as possible. By 1995, however, growing tensions and upheaval by the Taliban shelved many of the programs designed by the government and business leaders such as Anwar Heidary. After the overthrow of the Taliban in 2001, the Afghan government reinstated construction programs and called on Anwar Heidary to work as an official Adviser to the Minister of Commerce, facilitating trade treaties with nations such as India and Iran. In addition, Mr. Heidary was a member of the panel that completed agreements for a proposed Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline that would transport natural gas from Turkmenistan to India.

Anwar Heidary started, with his son, Dr. Walter Heidary, Child Ventures, a company that plans to create 50 state-of-the-art child-care centers throughout Canada. The model for the schools incorporates such teaching methodologies and philosophies as Core Knowledge, High Scope, and Montessori.
Currently, four Child Ventures Academies operate in the Canadian cities of Burlington, Vaughn, Ancaster, and Richmond Hill.

With offices in Hamilton and Toronto, Anwar Heidary assists with many of the daily operations and long-term tactics for Smart Financial Consulting. He also assists with many of the firm’s corporate and personal clients. Mr. Heidary assists corporate clients, individuals, and families with such tasks as structured real-estate investment and tax planning. Individual clients turn to Smart Financial Planning for help with debt elimination, wealth management, positive investment returns on real estate, land and tax strategies.