Anwar Rafiee

Artist, Designer, and Muralist in Singapore

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I am a self-taught Artist who’s always hungry for a new challenge. As an Artist, I believe that our five senses, movements and rhythms of the Universe, as well as life experiences are all encircled into one family tree we call Art. I actually feel like I’m a Scientist wearing a Magician’s hat every day, experimenting with chemicals while making a rabbit appear from the hat; my mind, emotions and thought processes intertwine and I express how I feel through textures, colours and boldness. It’s up to an Artist how he wants to make others see, feel and understand his Art. It’s a never-ending abstract story. A quote by Apple that really resonates with me and encompasses me as an Artist is: “The only thing that’s changed is everything”. Nothing is ever constant and every particle of my being reacts to these changes through my Art.


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