Muhammad Anwer

Karachi, Pakistan

I am a poet under the name of Akmal Naveed, on the dedication page of my recently published poetry book namely “Doosray Kinaray” proclaimed it is the best read book.

I am is of the opinion that my whole life story is penned down in this dedication, I say that my recognition of life comes from gloom and grief as the age of happiness is like the dying shadow of a dying flame. The joy I feel after looking at the glowing stars on the sky subsides after the day break which steals away their glowing life.

I elaborate that the closeness to humanity and global friendship is a basic element of my life and everybody is well aware of the terminology of ‘global village’ and its significance. During my student life I was dedicatedly affiliated with different social and cultural organizations which specially include “Sohni Dharti Youth Council” and “Gulistan Rang Rang”.

I being a shy, quiet and non-talkative nature express myself through poetry which I call a gift of nature, which also assists me to dress my feelings into words which then are conveyed for optimum impact. I confess that social aspect dominates my poetry and human and humanism plays a central character in my poetic creations. Since previous years I have been identified as anwer7star on social media and which can be witnessed through Google Search in less than 0.30 second in more than 10,000 results. My own blog by the name of “Baaziyaft” is available at and my creations under subject of poetry, politics, and everyday life are available. I can also be reached through the link given here i.e. YouTube Channel and anwer7star’

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