Anwesh Rath


Anwesh Rath started his online journey in early 2007 when he didn't even know how to upload files to a server to dispay the contents of that file on a website. Hell bent towards creating his own "opportunity" instead of waiting and begging for one, Anwesh learned all that was necessary and today he not only leads a life style most would just dream about, but he also teaches and helps out individuals, corporations and aspiring marketers. Anwesh Rath is based in Bangalore and operates his business from his home office. With over 15 employees who work from him from across the world, Anwesh is pretty confident about the fact that he would never step outside his home office to run a business, neither will he setup a traditional Brick and mortar business.

Something Very Personal

Anwesh and his childhood love Mitali are married and are thankful and content with what they got and have learned to keep "Greed" and "ambition" in two different sectors in their lives.

  • Work
    • Marketing Advisror, Author and Marketing Coach
  • Education
    • B.Tech, Electronics (VTU, INDIA) and BS Computer Science (Tx, USA)