Anya Elderenbosch

ANYA Dj / Producer Name: Pranya Poeri Paramita Place of birth: Bandung Pranya Poeri Paramita also known as Dj Anya, began her career as a model at the age of 13. She has been modelling on the catwalk at almost every major city in Indonesia but also in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore. After her Fashion study in Singapore she came back to Indonesia and resumed her career in modeling and got a little role in a soap (cinetron) serie. Soon after that she began to turn her eyes on the dance scene. In early 2007 she began concentrating on Djing herself by learning to mix on the wheels of steel. And she started gracing the DJ booth in her hometown Bandung and other major cities in Indonesia. Her love and passion for the dance music and atmosphere is the main reason why she becomes a DJ. She feels that she can contribute something special to the dance scene in Indonesia and the dance music in general. At the end of 2008-2009- 2010 she had the opportunity to spin in the Netherlands. She had gigs at some of the major clubs in the Netherlands. In early 2010 she signed at crème fresh music and had her first release in the 2010 together with Andy Callister. Next to that she launched her own concept called BOA (beats of angels).. In Oktober 2011, She moved to Netherland and joined with International Artist Music Management (IAMM) – Netherland. DJ Anya Link