Аня Владимировна Романова

I am Anya Vladimirovna Romanova (Аня Владимировна Романова). I am originally from St.Petersburg, Russia (Санкт-Петербург, Россия) I am 15 years old almost 16 I was born in August 2, 1997. I moved in Southern California in 2011. I moved because parents though it would better for us and most the fact that it would be warm!! I have not yet enjoyed Southern California. It's a lot like how people say it is. All everyone is selfish non-caring and rude. I hate it. Even now 2 years pass I still get called names by people and now I'm called terrorist because of Boston's bombers. No one here see that I am just a young girl trying to be all that I can be even the people I play football (soccer) with think I crazy I can't speak right I have a problem! I guess I have to live this for until college. But that is ok. It is not to far away. Most day, I spend hours at school and at night I do football, and volleyball sometime. When times come I want to become somebody known. That is all. My page not interesting I know. But I just want people to know who Anya Vladimirovna Romanova is. She is just a young girl who wants to go back home. That is all.