Any Ojeda

Volunteer, Student, and tutor in San Antonio, Texas

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I am a white rose in a garden of blue bonnets, blossoming into the young woman I've always aspired to be miles away from my home country. I wear my heart up on my sleeve, but embrace the warmth of love through simple acts of kindness. My wild spirit bathes into the never ending possibilities this country has offered, and my heart is forever grateful. My culture follows my footprints as I pave my way into the future I have created on my own.

My mind craves the wonders of knowledge and expanding my horizons. My passion for politics soars through conversations and news headlines. Not only do I aspire to change the world, but I know I am the leader that will spark change in the future of our modern world.

I cling into every possibility to success.

Instagram: @anyojedaa

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