Amber Sloan

Aloha, my name is Amber and I can't wait to be your photographer.
Though Hawaii is home Arizona's where i'm from 7000ft, evergreens, aspens, snowy peaks, artists, micro-brews, innovative cuisine, festivals & music. all that is good, different, old, young, historic, hippie & country. Flagstaff.
i have a desire to capture life, to share it in it's raw form. places, struggles, people, things... there's always a story, a truth. i only hope to share those truths. i strive for balance ... quirky, honest, quality & lovebecause i am in every click!
dad, i am more thankful for you than i can ever saycaro... you are my cheerleader, my friendbrothers you're my walls that hold mesisters the colors in my lifei love you all