Anna Keller

Quincy, IL

My name is Anna Keller. I am a student of art and psychology who aspires to use a unique blend of empathy, humor, and creative problem solving by entering a mental health field. I've had the privilege of seeing art act as a powerful therapy tool even in everyday life, which inspired me to enter the field of clinical psychology and incorporate different art techniques into the treatment of clients.

I feel strongly called to provide people with support and guidance in times when they need it most, and psychology is a great way to help people sort through the mess and understand themselves and others. Furthermore, I have a passion for humor as well as a thirst for knowledge. So I don't ever intend to stop learning new techniques — both in psychology and in art — which can be combined in unique and innovative ways with the intent of helping others.

As a side note, writing is something I hold close to my heart. I have self-published two books and hope to continue publishing, whether on my own or with a publisher. I write whatever I can, whenever I can.

Currently, I work in a college financial aid office while I pursue a graduate degree in counseling. I hope to use the degree to receive licensure as an LCPC and open my own private therapy office.

  • Education
    • Culver-Stockton College